New Production Line Project


Addison Project were approached by our client to complete an +- 10% sanction grade estimate for this project. The project involved the construction of a third production line including the specification of the equipment needed and the civil works associated with the housing of this and a potential future production line.

Addison were challenged to make improvements to the process design by analysing the efficiency of the existing lines.  The expansion also required changes to be made to the sites electricity infrastructure and steam supply.


Project Outline

Completed: February 2013
Client: Chemical Industry
Location: North West
Duration: 21 Months

Once the proposal was sanctioned Addison were engaged by our client on a  NEC 3 Professional Services Contract to complete the design, procurement and part of the construction works through to mechanical completion of the plant. Our role involved multi discipline design, including process, civil structural, mechanical and control electrical.  Addison also completed the project management and planning duties, procurement of  equipment and contracts on the project and construction management of the trades on site.


  • Purchase of approx 150 main plant items and 300 instruments
  • Purchase of approx 50 control panels
  • Relocation 3.3 kV transformers
  • Expansion of 11kV network
  • Separate cut and carve contract to modify area of existing plant to accommodate for increased production.

"I’d just like to let you know how impressed I’ve been with the way your engineers have worked together with us on this project." High Performance Plastics Producer