Principal Designer Roles

The client must appoint the Principal Designer in writing and prior to any construction taking place on site as they must have control over the pre-construction phase of the project.

The Principal Designer’s role is to plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase, co-ordination health and safety, this includes:

  • Assisting the client in identifying, obtaining and collating all pre-construction information which will enable elimination or controlling foreseeable risks.
  • Ensure designers carry out their duties.
  • Provide pre-construction information to all other parties (designers, principal contractor and contractors).
  • Liaise with the principal contractor for the duration of the appointment.
  • Prepare and maintain Health & Safety file.

Addison Project has considerable experience in carrying out the role of Principal Designer on complex projects across all the process led industries.  With our extensive in-house team of designers and engineers with the skills and understanding to manage and co-ordinate the pre-construction phase, including any additional design work carried out after construction has started, we are your one stop shop for Principal Designer and Engineering Design roles.


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