Principal Contractor

Where appointed Principal Contractor, Addison Project will determine a structure for managing Health & Safety, constructability, usability and maintainability for all elements of the project. This management structure will be formed as soon as possible but no later than the initial design preparation stage.

The Principal Contractor role encompasses producing a Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan to outline the key arrangements and ensure the work is carried out safely. This plan also contains relevant client Health & Safety information, including site conditions, client assets and safe systems of work.

As the Principal Contractor we will have the responsibility of planning, managing and coordinating activities while construction work is being carried out. We will liaise with contractors during relevant parts of the construction phase to plan for their individual aspects of the project. We will also make sure suitable welfare facilities are provided from the start and maintained throughout the construction phase and monitor the competence of all appointees.

Our group of Health & Safety professionals will ensure all workers have site inductions and any further information or training required for the project site by using the Addison Induction Package. This is unique to each site and will take into account the local site conditions, risks and hazards. This includes:

  • Project construction organisation
  • Medical declarations
  • Project description
  • Major SHE risks and project SHE standards
  • Safety Observation Reporting (SOR’s)
  • Fire safety
  • Permits and safe systems of work
  • Tower scaffolds and MEWPS (Mobile Elevated Working Platforms)
  • Emergency evacuation plan
  • Welfare plot plan diagram
  • Smoking policy
  • Consulting with the workers

Our construction managers and construction supervisors will :

  • Carry out pre-start meetings
  • Conduct regular toolbox talks
  • Introduce safety incentives schemes e.g. Safe Worker of the Week
  • Introduce safety campaigns for general and specific Health & Safety activities, including signage, posters etc.
  • Carry out SUSA or other safety-focused audits.

Involve workers in SOR’s (safety observation reporting) that are designed to report on both safe and unsafe conditions observed.

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