Once a plant is built and operational performance has reached capacity, the next logical step for increased capability is incremental debottlenecking. Identifying areas with opportunities and adapting existing facilities to develop these areas is often the most cost-effective and efficient solution for increasing production.

Typically, an existing plant can be debottlenecked for a fraction of the cost of building new facilities. Some plants have been debottlenecked many times over, so that their actual capacity is several times larger than that of their original design. Maximising your existing plant capacity with little capital expenditure can greatly increase profitability. The advantage of debottlenecking is that running costs stay relatively constant whilst income increases.

Addison Project have are offer proficiency and experience when it comes to assessing and identifying potential solutions for a variety of manufacturing processes. We team of experts will carry an audit for your process and facilities and propose a range of improvements for your consideration. When constructing our proposal we take into consideration the cost of the project and individual improvements in relation to the increased capacity and profitability delivered.

50 Million Pound Projects Undertaken

"I’d just like to let you know how impressed I’ve been with the way your engineers have worked together with us on this project." High Performance Plastics Producer