Shutdown and Project Planning

Minimising the duration of an outage can have a major impact in reducing the cost of lost production. Addison Project process technical services can provide qualified and experienced personnel to augment the resources available to handle shutdown planning and scheduling, manage the shutdown activities and assist in the start-up of the facilities to minimise the out-of-service time.

Shutdowns can be costly in terms of lost production, so a carefully designed plan can reduce costs. In many respects a shutdown can be even more complicated than the initial construction of the facility. Not only must the facility in the end be reassembled and the work carefully reviewed before start-up, as it was when construction was completed, it must first be shutdown, cleaned up and partially disassembled in order to restore its original functionality. Consideration must be given to the impact on both upstream and downstream processes, and the impact on customers and suppliers.

Dependent on the size of plant and requirements from the shutdown, planning should begin well in advance before the anticipated shutdown is to take place. Our approach is informed from the successes and failures of the past shutdowns and incorporates the necessary improvements to make it a success. It goes without saying this process involves input from lots of different interfaces, including procurement, engineering, maintenance and operations.

Shutdown planning is led by engineers who are not only familiar with the appropriate planning tools, MS Project and Primavera, but are also experienced in on site engineering works and are for that reason are able to co-ordinate and manage the various interfaces accordingly.

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