Review of Site Electrical Infrastructure

Complemented by our HV capabilities we are able to offer a comprehensive review of site electrical infrastructure to check compliance with recommendations of BS 61936. – 2010 and HSE recommendations for reducing risks and protecting people.  This would typically include:

  1. Inspection of all HV* and LV Substations & switch Rooms comprising:-
    • Internal and External visual inspection of the building for structural defects.
    • Inspection of all safety facilities, i.e. Exits, fire protection, security.
    • Check compliance with all HSE requirements for signage in substations.
  2. Inspection of all substation & switch room protection relays with cross check against test & inspection records.
  3. Inventory of all switchgear and cross check against records and drawings.
  4. Verification of switchgear condition, validity of test and inspection records.
  5. Visual inspection of all substation and switch room earthing systems with cross check against test and inspection records.
  6. Visual inspection of all substation transformers, reactors, external switchgear etc, check security fencing, earthing, risks and precautions to personnel and adjacent plant, with cross check against test and inspection records.
  7. Electrical protection Fault Study for the complete site, using ERACS and Amtech software, with updated drawings and recommendations to rectify any shortfalls.
  8. Complete site Earthing survey with cross check of earthing records.
  9. Compile complete report supported by photographs of all deficiencies, faults etc.
  10. Update and compile complete drawing package, test records, single line diagrams etc.
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