PUWER – Surveys

One of the fundamental requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1999 (PUWER) is to carry out detailed risk assessment of all equipment used in the workplace.

The regulations apply to all places of work and require risk assessments of work equipment, from hand tools and production lines to manual valves and large reactor or furnaces, are carried out. They also apply to those in control of work equipment, such as employers, the self-employed and employees when using their own tools.

Addison Project can review your current status regarding compliance and help with any corrective action required, particularly where further risk assessment is required and additional control measures or modifications may be required to reduce any risks to acceptable levels.

We can also offer practical advice on optimising your existing resources to comply with the requirements of the legislation, using generic assessments and also utilising our risk assessment database.

The auditing process can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your business and target areas of concern, such as new legislation, specific functional areas, including electrical safety, distribution systems, lifting operations, civil maintenance of structures or underground services, safety review processes, pressure systems, hazard identification and documentation.

Alternatively, we can carry out an ‘overview audit’ of all key engineering aspects of your manufacturing processes. The output of an audit will offer a number of benefits including assurance, identification of non-compliance and opportunities for improvement, plus formal objective evidence of an independent assessment of the fitness for purpose of the key engineering aspects of your business.

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