Pressure Relief – Requirements & Equipment Sizing

Addison Project has a multidiscipline team specialising in the assessment of pressure relief requirements. With over 30 years experience of solving real pressure relief challenges across a wide variety of industries, our team has unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the field.

Pressure relief is about cost effective and pragmatic risk management. Design and installation forms only a small part of the overall cost of a pressure relief system; the largest cost element is the effective inspection and maintenance of that relief system.

At Addison, we consider the whole life cycle cost- not just the design. By ensuring the design is right, significant cost savings are made through reduced operating costs and the elimination of potentially expensive failures.

Our low overheads and flexible working arrangements allow us to provide a cost effective and safe solution to your problem. This will be carried out on time, to your requirements and within budget. We can undertake pressure relief work on a fixed price basis, rate basis or target cost basis, regardless of size. Our services include:

  • Site audits
  • Design reviews
  • Pressure systems rating
  • Relief case identification
  • Relief case calculations
  • Relief device sizing
  • 2-phase flow (DIERS)
  • Chemical reaction hazards
  • Relief capacity calculations
  • Device selection and specification
  • Legislative compliance
  • Pipework sizing
  • Piping detail design
  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Discharge & disposal
  • Inherent safety
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