Civil, Structural, Mechanical and ECI Surveys and Inspections

Addison Project has the scope to be able to provide our resources at short notice to survey and inspect assets and produce reports with recommendations. 

We have experience in completing various types of structural and mechanical surveys or inspections, from a basic visual check of a single pipe support through to the production of an Asset Register condition report, dependant on your requirements.

Addison Project is well placed to carry out inspections, reviews and surveys to benchmark you against your selected structural or mechanical standards or to highlight any shortfalls. This will enable you to consider appropriate corrective action moving forward, which we can also help you implement if necessary.

Our ECI surveys and inspections can be tailored to your business needs and be as thorough and comprehensive as required. Many clients have found our Civil & Structural Integrity Surveys of great use – checking structures for corrosion, bunds for integrity, roadways, drains and underground services. Less specifically, an “overview audit” of all key engineering aspects of your manufacturing processes may be better suited in order to identify areas for further scrutiny.

50 Million Pound Projects Undertaken

"I’d just like to let you know how impressed I’ve been with the way your engineers have worked together with us on this project." High Performance Plastics Producer