Engineering Services

At Addison we pride ourselves on providing a truly flexible service to adapt to your specific needs. Our range of skills and services is diverse and varied, but we understand that they are only as relevant as your needs.

Broadly, we provide project and construction management services, engineering design services and engineering consultancy services. We can engage with you during any phase of your project, providing everything complete project management and execution to external audits and advice.

Explore our range of services to learn more about how Addison can help identify and meet your needs. Because of our capabilities, our range of services, although comprehensively documented, are not strictly limited to what you read on the page. We believe it is vital to engage in discussion with our potential clients to enable to us to understand what specifically tailored services you require.

50 Million Pound Projects Undertaken

"I’d just like to let you know how impressed I’ve been with the way your engineers have worked together with us on this project." High Performance Plastics Producer